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Global Patent Protection

Using Global Patent Information helps accelerate innovation and takes advantage of purpose of the Patent System. The purpose of the patent system is to encourage innovation by protecting owners. An invention is fully disclosed to the government, and, in return, rights are awarded for a limited period of time. The disclosure is published when a patent is issued.

Many national and regional patent offices publish pending patent applications before issuance, at about 18 months after the initial application is filed. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) publishes pending international (PCT) applications 18 months after the filing date. These published disclosures are available to be reviewed and evaluated, and can be of substantial value to a skilled researcher wanting to accelerate the process of innovation for his or her research.

Name Title Phone V-Card Email Office
Richard J. Apley Patent Agent, Chief Patent Officer 703-412-1000 Northern Virginia
Remmon R. Fordé Patent Agent 703-412-1000 Northern Virginia
Richard C. Litman Practice Group Leader, IP & Emerging Technologies 703.412.1000 Washington, DC
Robert B. Lyons Managing Patent Attorney 703-412-1000 Northern Virginia