Jon Polenberg Prevails in Third District Court of Appeal Decision

Jon Polenberg, Ft. Lauderdale Business Attorney Becker & Poliakoff attorneys, led by shareholder Jon Polenberg, succeeding in having the Third District Court of Appeal of Florida reverse key aspects of a circuit court’s initial ruling against their client, the law firm Piero Salussolia PA (Piero Salussolia PA v. Nunnari et al.).

The Court’s March 29, 2017, decision reinstated Salussolia’s fee dispute claims arising over the retainer provision for work he did to negotiate a $13.2 million judgment against his client down to $8 million. Specifically, Becker & Poliakoff convinced the appeals court to reinstate Salussolia’s claim for quantum meruit, sending the case back to circuit court which will determine how much more than the $1.2 million sought in the original complaint Salussolia’s two years of work are worth. 

In addition to Mr. Polenberg, B&P shareholder Jude C. Cooper and attorney Yasin Daneshfar played an important role in the appeal before the court.

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